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Update on RTC/StoreMobile Tablet Gun

As many of you know, RTC/StoreMobile Solutions has embarked on a long engineering journey to build a very unique mobile device we named the Tablet Gun.  In 2013, we piloted our first prototype in a Margaritaville store located in Myrtle Beach and that test went very well.  This year we took our second prototype and installed it in the Planet Hollywood store located in the Disney Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.  While the overall concept and operation of our Tablet Gun went very well within the Planet Hollywood store operation, it became very clear to us that the Tablet Gun running exclusively on Android was a problem.  The fact is our StoreMS POS server is a Windows based product and given any store “network down” situation, the Tablet Gun running Android is also completely down with no business logic redundancy built in.

After months of pilot store experience, it became obvious to us all that we had to go back to the “engineering well” and choose a different processor and chip set that ultimately supported Windows as well as Android.  We are now several months into that reengineering process and expect to have it completed in 4Q15.  We will look to our customers who are interested in using the Tablet Gun in their store operation to again pilot the device and run it through its paces.  I know this is a setback from our original plan and it has inconvenienced several of our close customers; however, I strongly believe it is better to “get it right” during the testing phases then close up the R&D process, than feel the pain of our Tablet Gun’s shortcomings in a production phase.  As a longtime customer satisfaction leader and one in business for 26 years in the retail technology sector, I could not accept our Tablet Gun falling short of our highest standards or that of our customers.  We believe we are now on the right track and we will see it through.  Thank you in advance for all your patience.

Bruce Hicks
President, RTC & StoreMobile Solutions