SeaWorld Agrees to Outsource Data Center Operations with RTC as Part of Major Technical Upgrade Initiative

In late 2016, SeaWorld approached RTC to develop a cost effective plan to allow them to relocate their server systems from a third party data center and upgrade system speed, memory and responsiveness.  SeaWorld’s decision was predicated on RTC’s ability to manage all aspects of their data center operation remotely and cost effectively.  As a leader in data center hosting and remote data center services with over 20 years of experience hosting retailers such as Margaritaville out of Orlando, Florida, Petsense out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and At Home out of Dallas Texas, RTC was well positioned to support SeaWorld in their Orlando Data Center.

SeaWorld currently relies on RTC for JDA® MMS® Support Services, which includes responsibility for all MMS Consulting services, so expanding the relationship to include the iSeries was a natural fit.  RTC managed the entire upgrade initiative including the purchase and installation of a new iSeries box, the systems OS load and migration, as well as the “go forward” back-up and recovery strategy.  The initiative was a complete success.  The entire transition was seamless with little to no interruption to business activity.  In a little more than 45 days, RTC completed the “Go Live” and SeaWorld was on a new Power 8 box.  Furthermore, RTC was able to allow SeaWorld to end their existing contract with their current hosting provider and significantly reducing the monthly costs associated with the third party datacenter.  Going forward, RTC will remotely manage all the day to day systems administrative activity on the new box.