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RTC Dominates in the 2016 RIS Software Leaderboard

For the fourth year in a row, RTC is celebrating an outstanding showing in the RIS Software Leaderboard.  Retailers continue to rank RTC as one of the premier software vendors in the North America.  RTC thanks our customers for your valuable business partnership in 2016.  From RTC’s perspective, to be included in the annual Retail Information Systems (RIS) survey is a significant achievement in itself when you consider that retailers from across North America and Canada select the best 99 vendors based on a combination of retail concentration, revenue and customer satisfaction.  For the past 4 years, our rankings have exceeded all expectations.

  • RTC Ranked #1 for the second year in a Row in 7 Categories including Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Support and Quality of Service
  • RTC Ranked in the top 5 in ALL 25 Categories
  • RTC Ranked in the top 3 in 24 of 25 Categories

These results are a testament to our hard work and commitment to our customers which is “The RTC Way” and your recognition of the value it brings to your business.  This includes development, support, consulting services, operations, and the management/admin team of RTC.  If you look at the diversity of categories in which we did well, you will recognize this is the result of the efforts of the entire organization.

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