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RTC Completes 360º Nickelodeon European Store, Warehouse & MMS Install – in Just 4 Months

RTC was recently selected by Entertainment Retail Enterprises (ERE) as their Store Systems and JDA® MMS® partner for the launch of their new flagship store under the Nickelodeon brand.  Up front, ERE executives laid out an aggressive 4 month plan to open the first European store in Leicester Square London, one of the busiest foot traffic areas in the world.  The project included a full scaled 360º front to back implementation of JDA®’s MMS® System and a full Store Systems deployment including StoreMS POS (with mobile) and StoreMobile MMSxTend for complete store visibility to inventory.  In addition, RTC would integrate MMS to a 3rd party warehouse in the UK and install their MMSxTend Warehouse Optimization module.

To further complicate and strain the timeline, a completely new credit /debit certification was required to certify StoreMS-POS on the new Verifone EMV Chip & Pin platform.  Typical new store installations take a minimum of six months, when you add the complication of this being an international location and implementing JDA®’s MMS® with a third party warehouse from the ground up and the timeline could easily have stretched to 7 or 8 months.  In the end, RTC was able to leverage our store systems expertise and JDA® MMS® consulting services group to overcome a significant number of challenges and still meet the expectations of the client and get the entire retail operation up and going in just 4 months!!