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Planet Hollywood Retail Store Systems take Center Stage as RTC’s StoreMS POS and StoreMobile Inventory Replace Aging Micros POS System Chain-Wide

Working with a 20 year old Micros POS system that was never meant to run a retail operation, Planet Hollywood was faced with a tough choice given they had already committed to replacing Micros with Aloha’s Restaurant POS software on the restaurant side of the operation.  For many years Planet Hollywood has had limitations regarding its retail POS and inventory management systems capabilities.  These limitations have been felt from the store operation to the warehouse and throughout their merchandising and accounting systems alike.  Given the prospects of more the same with the Aloha Restaurant POS system, Planet Hollywood turned to its long time JDA® MMS® ASP partner, RTC, to finally solve this problem.

RTC was given the chance to prove what it could do by installing its StoreMS POS, StoreMS Mobile POS and StoreMobile Inventory MMSxTend application in the Planet Hollywood Disney Hollywood Studios store back in January of this year.  With RTC’s suite of store systems up and running, the Planet Hollywood Disney store now has complete control of its retail operation including real time visibility of all retail inventory regardless of the location it resides in including the warehouse,  “on order” and “in transit” inventory.  In addition, inventory can be viewed on any PC, phone or mobile device logged onto the Planet Hollywood network both in the store, at the corporate office or from a mobile device in any physical location!!

Store personnel productivity and inventory control problems are resolved and rolling out the RTC solutions are all that remain.  Planet Hollywood is committed to rolling out RTC’s StoreMS POS suite and StoreMobile’s applications in all its retail locations.  The first phase of the upgrade began with the two Orlando Florida locations and will extend to the remaining stores.

Rich Olgee,  Vice President Corporate Controller at Planet Hollywood  Int.  says, “we are very excited to continue our long standing partnership with RTC. Their complete suite of store systems is the answer to Planet Hollywood making our retail operations more efficient in regards to inventory management, customer experience, employee performance and overall reporting needed to manage our retail business. We look forward to the complete roll-out to all of our locations in the near future.”